I'm happy to announce that the WebXR Community Forum is now live! If you've been wanting to join a community of other WebXR developers but prefer forums to realtime chat apps like Discord, I'd highly encourage you to stop by! webxr.community/

This project is taking everything I have

I’m making tons of progress, but this much work on a single project is exhausting.

Note to future Joe: you do your best work when you work on multiple unrelated projects in different tech stacks.

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Some personal news:


I’m bisexual.

“I deserve to be happy” is something that I want to be true, something that I want to internalize. I can’t do that while I’m repressing this aspect of myself, so it’s time to be honest with myself and with those around me.


One last Tiny Memex update for today. I setup a basic Python webserver with Flask and hosted a bare bones Babylon JS scene.

Me: It is important that I take time away from the computer each weekend.

Also me: *spends Sunday learning VIM so I can write python for my Tiny Memex over SSH without juggling multiple terminal windows*

Playing with my new Tiny Memex. I have no idea what I’m doing, but it’s fun to hack around and make things happen.

I just pushed "Go!" on the final issue of the Transmutable News Weekly. In this issue I get preachy about the future and your role therein.

This month I’m working full-time on a database project for one of my consulting customers.

I won’t have much time to work on Canvatorium or my PlayCanvas side projects.

Things will get back to normal in July and I’ll resume regular updates on these projects.

I kinda like this definition, but "metaverse" is probably too tainted by nft scams at this point. Maybe "Wider Web" instead?

Canvatorium Lab 032

A Proof of Concept for a VR Lathe Interface.

✅ 6 points that can be dragged around a 2D surface.
✅ Generate a Lathe mesh using these points

I just pushed the Big Red Button to publish issue 19 of the Transmutable News Weekly in which I cover:
- The Penultimate Issue
- A Leaky Rig
- The W3C future
- A lopsided duopoly
Get in while the getting is good 👇

I turned forty years old today. I spent the day petting cats and dogs, and staring into the middle distance.

I also had waffles and ice cream for breakfast.

Pretty good day.

My phone is more likely to auto complete "WASM" than "wasn't"

If you're a person (or know a person) who would like to own a piece of alternate timeline computer history (in which Vannevar Bush built this prototype) then let's talk.

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I'm paying to store my full size Memex and that's silly so it's time to find it a new home. Here's a pic of the kid and I after we finished it *in 2014*. More details (including a demo video) are here: trevor.smith.name/project/meme

I came up with what I think is a clever way to keep a dev log on a project using the tools that I like to use, without having those posts spoil the jokes in the project I'm building.

"Hiding public posts until the right time"


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I just added super-secret blooping to my website for this project.

I can use Bloops to post updates and thoughts every day, but not one will stumble upon.

Once I launch the product, I'll push these to the main feed for anyone who wants to read about the development process.

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Just finished building a prototype for a small VR thing that I plan to make over the summer.

It’s full of jokes and I don’t want to give anything away, so I won’t be posting development updates along the way like I normally do.

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