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Dear LazyWeb: Please create a Wider Web game that is like Tetris but the blocks are huge and they fall around me like the stonework of a tower. Best played in a swivel chair with no tether because there will be a lot of turning to see blocks falling into the walls behind me.

A Dream to Create An Open Metaverse Community: Shares Jesse Alton - YouTube

Can you even imagine how big the field would almost immediately become if Meta started working on fully open hardware (including open patent pools), a fully open software stack fronted by the Oculus Browser, and higher level standards for space and identity interop?

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MZ framed Meta and Apple competition as a battle between open and closed but that's a false dichotomy. Yes, Meta are 100x better than Apple about making the Wider Web possible. But, it's all funded by surveillance on untrustworthy locked hardware.

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Here's one to think on: With the $billions that Meta spent on XR they could have created rigs that are fully open and trustworthy, from the chip designs all the way up through the optics and then to the browser. They're one of the major reasons that WebXR exists and they ship the most capable and standards-based immersive browser. Parts of their org fully understand how to work on open tech.

Well, I didn't forsee a $100 price increase on the Quest two years after it shipped. I wonder what would happen to sales of it and other stand-alones of they stopped using loss-leader pricing.

It is deeply nice that Mastodon doesn't display like and forward counts for toots. I didn't realize what a mind fuck that is until I left it behind.

While I was in there I also updated to Mastodon 3.5.3 which, I believe, lets us go to space.
Or something.

Well, that was weird. The web cert appeared to be expired to browsers but certbot was convinced that it was still valid. I asked it to reinstall the same cert and now browsers receive a cert with a few more months on it.

Join us this Wednesday at ! We will spend the FULL HOUR on demos. and more. 14:00UTC July 27, 2022. Spread the word! Sign up to demo here:

Sharing this high alpha weekend #web3 reading for all the token shilling degen apes expanding their #DAO communities:

This is your regular and gentle reminder that AR stacks* will eventually replace every other type of personal computing and the decisions we make today will determine in very deep ways the basic ability of future people to see, think, and feel.

* currently faceboxes, later glasses, then contacts, then implants, then genetic tech

update on firefox openxr experiment: *somehow* got to the point where i'm successfully creating an XrSession and now it's finally detecting VR support correctly! Now at the point where I need to start working on handling the event loop stuff and probably swapchain stuff too

Well, here we are in the year two thousand and “Electron microscope photography of a tardigrade wearing a VR Headset”

* it's an amazing tool, even though it's still funded mainly to attract "content providers" who can provide "ad inventory".

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So, this article is about a company that Unity announced they will acquire. Unity has been a targeted adtech company for years but significantly ramped up that work since ~2018. The engine in now primarily a vector for their ad network and secondarily* a dev tool. If you don't care for Facebook's surveillance network then I recommend looking at Unity-created games as roughly the same thing.

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