@ada Yeah, I'm listening to the audiobook and I like the reader and the book.

@mikesky Ok, my friend knows who to talk to and is attempting to connect us. Indeed, it's a long shot but one never knows.

@mikesky It probably won't go anywhere (they're big co) but I just poked a friend at Logitech to see if they can help. I'll let you know if I hear back.

Controller testing for the @OpenXR powered version of @openbrushapp is nearly done! Sadly it looks like we'll be dropping support for the Logitech VR Ink, as there's no interaction profile available 😢 @logitech @SteamVR any chance of getting it supported in the future? 🙏

@blair @technobaboo I shudder to think about finding consensus among browser implementers for <metaverse>. Talk about a long row to hoe!

@blair @technobaboo I don't know. I definitely see what that would enable but if we're going to make something incompatible with the web then it's very tempting to fix or remove many of the non-XR features. Remaking the idea of origins and DNS CAs for a start.

@blair @technobaboo Yes, for The Web I expect that we'll have federations of compatible spaces but it's highly unlikely that there will be full compliance with any set of standards. I see that as a win, in general. "The Metaverse" is a essentially flawed idea and shouldn't be our goal.

I'd prefer see-through AR but a Lynx R1 running Wolvic might be the first rig that I don't need to create myself but I could see using as the first instance of my personal stack. There's still a lot of untrustworthy hardware in it but with OpenXR and WebXR abstractions whatever I build could be at least somewhat portable.

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I wonder if I'll ever make/take the time to create a personal XR stack that I can stick with until death. Right now I skip between hypercorp stacks. It's not altogether terrible but it definitely feels like I'm a visitor whose travel visa can be revoked at any time.

@utopiah I'm beginning to think that licenses should simply list companies (including subsidiaries) who can't have licenses and give oneself the right to add companies to the list at any time and for any reason. It isn't perfect but it might work.

@utopiah Super interesting, if for no other reason that Appendix A is a list of harmful uses of AI. The main risk I see is that the legal interpretation of that list will be heavily dependent on the judge and jurisdiction, though.

@utopiah At least the character limit forces people to quickly make their stale points so that I can rapidly reply without thinking. 😉

As usual, Kai XR is producing solid and accessible tech for people outside of the XR echo chamber.

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@srgray You got this! Especially since it's not foot & mouth... that situation sounds *intense*.

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