Well, here we are in the year two thousand and “Electron microscope photography of a tardigrade wearing a VR Headset”

For example, here's a Russian language news article and then its translation. It's imperfect but it's possible to get a sense of the topic and how it's being framed.

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I'm paying to store my full size Memex and that's silly so it's time to find it a new home. Here's a pic of the kid and I after we finished it *in 2014*. More details (including a demo video) are here: trevor.smith.name/project/meme

Ok, friends of the Wider Web. For the next hour or so I'll be editing the Transmutable News Weekly issue 17. If you have web-ish XR or agreement tech news, projects, or people to share then gently press the reply button.

Here is an image from my random folder to test that media upload works.

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