A few months ago I bought the domain to hold a couple of one-off Wider Web projects (e.g. reviewing a CAD model with a client) but the name always prompts a desire to build a city, though I've generally moved on from XR-accessed cities as they usually don't fit the medium.

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@trevorflowers You mean, moving in a city using a VR set is boring? If it is a race? A drone? A city, generated by OSM data?
I did a 🧑‍🦼 sinulator; quite an experience.

@karlos I mean that for most Wider Web projects a city isn't the best mental framework as it comes with a lot of baggage that's specific to the physical world. Also, most XR spaces are pretty small (by design and because there are few users) so making them at city scale just makes them feel abandoned and creepy.

@trevorflowers Yes, I know that from Second Life and AltSpace.
It may depend to the purpose of the space. What if experiencing a part of a city or a building group is intended?
Is "being together" the essential purpose for the Metaverse? I think, making money it is ;-)

@trevorflowers open 3d sandbox for collaging point cloud and 3d assets. Like a fever dream of 3d space and assets. With a monthly reset timer for the hosted instance and a open repo of previous archives.

@mrmetaverse That sounds like good fun as long as there's a (perhaps mild) vetting process for entry and a reasonable amount of moderation. Otherwise it would immediately be a trashfire. :-)

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