I'm trying to convince Mozilla Hubs to render one of my models on a Quest 2 with bad results. The mesh loads fine but the material (which works on desktop) is all blown out in a solid color. Feh. I don't really want to bake a texture with AO for this, but I guess that's my next step.

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@trevorflowers sorry if this is insultingly basic, but have you tried changing the user graphics setting in hubs that defaults to low on the quest?

@SyndicWill Apparently, basic is what I need because I wasn't aware of per-browser graphics settings in Hubs.

@trevorflowers did you find it? It's the user preference, but the default value varies by browser

@SyndicWill I'm away from a headset at the mo but I found it for my laptop so I think I'm good.

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