Here's one to think on: With the $billions that Meta spent on XR they could have created rigs that are fully open and trustworthy, from the chip designs all the way up through the optics and then to the browser. They're one of the major reasons that WebXR exists and they ship the most capable and standards-based immersive browser. Parts of their org fully understand how to work on open tech.

MZ framed Meta and Apple competition as a battle between open and closed but that's a false dichotomy. Yes, Meta are 100x better than Apple about making the Wider Web possible. But, it's all funded by surveillance on untrustworthy locked hardware.

Can you even imagine how big the field would almost immediately become if Meta started working on fully open hardware (including open patent pools), a fully open software stack fronted by the Oculus Browser, and higher level standards for space and identity interop?

@trevorflowers but what would be it's economic model then ? (these are corporations, which have only one real goal : gain money/market share/control, not giving away services or tools)


@Olm_e Yes, I'm vaguely familiar with hypercorps. 😸 I'm pretty sure that the premier hardware manufacturer and experience provider of a massive Wider Web is in a better position to get paid than the fourth best manufacturer of a small proprietary not-really-a-metaverse. Apple will quickly crush them at the expensive closed ecosystem game. Google will quickly crush them at the inexpensive closed ecosystem game. Samsung will quickly crush them on mid-tier and premier hardware.

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@Olm_e Right now they're investing in a type of closed platform that at least four other hypercorps are in a better position to dominate. Meanwhile, they're the target of ~every large government because of surveillance. They were smart and kept a plan B with their standards-centered browser but they don't yet believe that it's their new plan A along with hardware that people could actually trust.

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