I just pushed the Big Red Button to publish issue 19 of the Transmutable News Weekly in which I cover:
- The Penultimate Issue
- A Leaky Rig
- The W3C future
- A lopsided duopoly
Get in while the getting is good πŸ‘‡

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@trevorflowers I think the transition from newsletter to focus on federated socials will be great - we can distribute the labor of finding and sharing wider web news so it's not all on you.

Speaking of ... I've thus far resisted making a secondary Mastodon account (sorry-not-sorry to all my cooperator locals that have to put up with my monads-style posts in the local feed), but is too tempting. Could I get an invite?

@datatitian Yeah, I'd love to have a flock of folks sharing links and know-how on this instance. I'm happy to host an account for you here. First, though, please go read the about page to make sure that you'll be happy with how I moderate. If that works for you then I'll DM an invite link.

@trevorflowers yes I agree to the CoC. Very good one you've got there. I also use Annalee's Slack CoC for my condo building's chat

@datatitian Great! Here's the invite link:
Also, if you'd like to join the Lemmy node (sort of like Reddit, but federated) then head over to "Sign Up" on

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