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I split my time between three accounts:
- Morning thoughts and dog pix:
- Maker/machinist/manufacturer chitchat:
- Web-ish XR: @trevorflowers

The Third Room team released (and is running) a technical preview which already seems pretty useful. People who believe that "the metaverse" needs blockchain or Meta should check out this Wider Web foundation:

Now that Google is shutting down ad blockers in Chrome you're all switching to Firefox, right?


A few months ago I bought the domain to hold a couple of one-off Wider Web projects (e.g. reviewing a CAD model with a client) but the name always prompts a desire to build a city, though I've generally moved on from XR-accessed cities as they usually don't fit the medium.

Most problems are better solved without blockchains but if you want to see for yourself then use Ethereum.

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I'm pleased to say that I can now recommend Ethereum to blockchain-curious folks. Anyone still using Bitcoin (and other proof of work chains) is either ignorant or prioritizes profit over everything else.

I was wondering when we'd see a common and open implementation of wallet technology gather steam and the Open Wallet Foundation might be just that.

RT @js13kGames
Check out Deathkeeper - entry by @Sorskoot for the @js13kGames 2022 competition!

Croquet Microverse is one of the least known but most complete platform for Wider Web sites.

Interested in free & #OpenSource software for VR/AR/MR? The countdown is on to make an impact at FOSS XR! Be part of this year's lineup by submitting your talk or demo by September 5th, 2022: #Monado #OpenXR #VR #virtualreality #OpenSource

I'm trying to convince Mozilla Hubs to render one of my models on a Quest 2 with bad results. The mesh loads fine but the material (which works on desktop) is all blown out in a solid color. Feh. I don't really want to bake a texture with AO for this, but I guess that's my next step.

Controller testing for the @OpenXR powered version of @openbrushapp is nearly done! Sadly it looks like we'll be dropping support for the Logitech VR Ink, as there's no interaction profile available 😢 @logitech @SteamVR any chance of getting it supported in the future? 🙏

I'd prefer see-through AR but a Lynx R1 running Wolvic might be the first rig that I don't need to create myself but I could see using as the first instance of my personal stack. There's still a lot of untrustworthy hardware in it but with OpenXR and WebXR abstractions whatever I build could be at least somewhat portable.

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I wonder if I'll ever make/take the time to create a personal XR stack that I can stick with until death. Right now I skip between hypercorp stacks. It's not altogether terrible but it definitely feels like I'm a visitor whose travel visa can be revoked at any time.

As usual, Kai XR is producing solid and accessible tech for people outside of the XR echo chamber.

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