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finally tried out @midjourney and wow

"portrait of a woman in the style of beksinski"

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I had a couple of minutes spare so decided to stress test my brownian motion component, it can handle 500 instances very comfortably

It's on glitch so have fun remixing with you own models and configuration


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Released react-xr 3.6.0 and 4.0.0 with support for R3F v8, featuring many fixes and enhancements to interactions and controllers. Many fixes and improvements were upstreamed to three, types/three, three-stdlib, and R3F halving react-xr's distribution size.

update on firefox openxr experiment: *somehow* got to the point where i'm successfully creating an XrSession and now it's finally detecting VR support correctly! Now at the point where I need to start working on handling the event loop stuff and probably swapchain stuff too

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3D tools for that I’ve been working on. Let me know if you’d find this useful on the asset store.

but it's definitely possible I think. would maybe have even happened already if mozilla never laid off all their xr staff. Maybe now in 2022 it'd be an openxr-backed browser with webxr support just like chrome, hell maybe even with linux support too

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of course now that I look at OpenVRSession.cpp it's almost 1500 lines so maybe saying I'd "just" have to write it is underselling it a bit

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i mean as far as I can tell I would just have to write OpenXRSession.h/OpenXRSession.cpp in gfx/vr/service and include all the OpenXR stuff in there and get it all to build nicely

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i wonder how hard it would be to add an openxr backend to firefox's current xr system

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Join us next Thursday, July 14th for the where YOU are the guest for a discussion of in the with Dr. Karen @XRconnectED Alexander and @juliesmithso on zoom before the Education Summit on July 21st
Get Tix

Can also find this info mirrored on the awesome-webxr repo in separate markdown files Feel free to suggest anything else on either site if there's something I'm missing

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Have a thread going on the WebXR Community Forum where I'm attempting to record every single active WebXR creation tool

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Question to the WebXR folks (hi @Tojiro) - gripSpace is "the pose that should be used to render virtual objects such that they appear to be held in the user’s hand" which isn't necessarily the IMU position, so it sounds as if it's not possible to do the flinging correction as-is.

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I had some down time today as I waited for other things so I made an AFrame component to let you efficiently cover 3D objects in other objects.
Useful for making things hairy or grassy:


PRs and feedback welcome

lost a couple hours fiddling with folder permissions (all the while thinking it was an nginx problem) but I got it installed!

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oh boy time to mess around with mediawiki again

I'm happy to announce that the WebXR Community Forum is now live! If you've been wanting to join a community of other WebXR developers but prefer forums to realtime chat apps like Discord, I'd highly encourage you to stop by!

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