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lost a couple hours fiddling with folder permissions (all the while thinking it was an nginx problem) but I got it installed!

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oh boy time to mess around with mediawiki again

I'm happy to announce that the WebXR Community Forum is now live! If you've been wanting to join a community of other WebXR developers but prefer forums to realtime chat apps like Discord, I'd highly encourage you to stop by!

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Next up June 22nd, we have guest speaker Aysegul Yonet presenting
on How to Build Inclusive Web Applications Using WebXR and AI.

Location XR Women Hall-iLRN Campus in Virbela

Time: 11:30am ET

The ideal solution would perhaps be the ability to export useful debugging tips that happened in realtime on Discord to live on the forum too, where it can be more easily indexed and searchable to others in the future, regardless of whether they're on Discord or not.

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One of the most common complaints I read about Discord is that it makes it much harder to search for relevant conversations that have already happened, which I do have to agree with (Discord's search is decent but not amazing).

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I see this mentioned occasionally, so let me ask: How many people would be interested in an actual forum (not just Discord) to discuss , whether that be showing projects or getting WebXR-specific help? I own and I'm thinking about using it for that.

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This new server is being installed to host the first version of our Lynx appstore. You have to start somewhere!

Any people out there know of any functional X3D examples that work with WebXR? Most I've found are some old, very basic demos that still rely on WebVR APIs.

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Do you work for a W3C Member Organisation? Do you like the Immersive Web? You can be a huge help!

Find your AC Rep ( and then ask them to support the new Immersive Web charter:

It's very important! There are not enough votes yet!

Opened up my BookWyrm instance so anyone can register! If you've been looking for an excuse to start reading again and wanna share that journey with others then come on over

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I'm slowly making progress on a solution to capture experiences in using just the browser. I wonder if any devs or creators would like to test it. 🤔

To help get myself back into the habit of reading, I went ahead and made a BookWyrm instance! It's called "The Library of the Uncommons" and can be accessed over at, a site which is quickly becoming more of a fediverse playground than WebXR experience host lol. If you're on Mastodon and you can see this, you're invited. Just send an invite request on the site and I should get to it within a day or so. Hope to see some folks there!

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I just pushed the Big Red Button to publish issue 19 of the Transmutable News Weekly in which I cover:
- The Penultimate Issue
- A Leaky Rig
- The W3C future
- A lopsided duopoly
Get in while the getting is good 👇

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Managed to get @WolvicXr running on a Pico Neo 3 Link. Still some bugs to iron out.

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The wiring now supports 1=>1, n=>1, 1=>n & n=>n connections. I guess it'll be almost ilegal not to add a signal inverter next hehehe.

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Issue 18 of the Transmutable News Weekly is live! 🎉
This week I cover:
- Croquet OS
- uxn as inspiration for XR
- AWE for POV
- Fewer jaggies in Wolvic

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