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An interesting look at Pico's new browser on the Pico Neo 3 Link, courtesy of @noerihuisman. It's based on Chromium and appears to expose both VR and AR modules for WebXR, though immersive-ar XRSessions don't actually appear to be supported.

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Had to go through few extra hoops but… @aframevr running content on the @varjodotcom XR-3 via @OpenXR using its beta inside-out tracking alternative to SteamVR with base stations 👌

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I've updated my Aframe XR starter with some useful changes🎉

* Switch to physx physics because it's faster and doesn't throw a warning every frame
* use movement-controls with the simple-navmesh component
* Add HTML-mesh for configuring the movement type

Let the vigorous weekend of moving begin

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Fixed some math bugs and got my L-BFGS solver working, so it's super smooth now. I also added the ability to possess any rigged model, not just models designed to be avatars, so I can do this.

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Transmutable News Weekly issue 17 is fresh off of the presses (if presses were web sites) and in this issue I cover:
📰 The Base Mesh
📰 A switch
📰 trustnets
Get in while the getting is good! 👇

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Got the beginnings of my avatar IK system working in . It's got a long way to go though. I can barely even dab.

Fun weekend project: implementing an in-world fly button toggle for Hubs so I don't have to exit VR, type /fly in chat, and then re-enter VR

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I just published issue 16 of the Transmutable News Weekly 🎉
This week I cover:
- Crash opportunities
- Google's Not-Glass reveal
- Expensive hand registration
Get in while the getting is good 👇

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Deckard isn’t real. I made it all up for views

We hacked into the SteamVR code to add the strings to everyone’s files. Get rekt idiots

that moment when what was supposed to be a simple 2 line solution actually isn't and also haha it's broken now

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You took such good care of your garden.😍 But the neighbor kid throws trash in your garden.😤 Use your water hose to stop him.

Play on Construct Arcade:

@Sorskoot has built a great game.
Is this game based on your own experience?😅

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I had a go at porting THREE's HTMLMesh to AFrame, it works with interactions, controllers work great, hand tracking in my environment on my Quest 1 is a little too unstable to use well but it does work.

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WebXR is still a bit of a mystery to me. I want to change that

Any followers know of any WebXR things that I should check out? Doesn't matter the device intended...

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JavaScript Excitement: Firefox just landed Import Maps support (to ship in Firefox 102). With Import Maps you can control the behavior of JS imports.


Browser Support:
✅ Chromium: 89
✅ Firefox: 102
❌ Safari: ?

🔧 Polyfill:

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This picture accurately captures my excitement when I got this all working. Pathtraced rendering in a multi-user environment, with networked face tracking. I've been working hard on a lot of cutting-edge experiments with @janusxr lately, it's time to start sharing

To anyone else in the immersive web space who's gotten curious about the Fediverse after joining Mastodon, I'd encourage you to check out what the folks are doing over at Immers Space ( @webxr

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