@blair @tojiro These images were originally posted by @serpentrider on the WebXR discord, who as far as I know is the only person there who currently has a Pico Neo 3 Link in-hand. Can always swing by and ask, or if you've got any specific bits you're curious about I could pass them along as well

An interesting look at Pico's new browser on the Pico Neo 3 Link, courtesy of @noerihuisman. It's based on Chromium and appears to expose both VR and AR modules for WebXR, though immersive-ar XRSessions don't actually appear to be supported.

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Had to go through few extra hoops but… @aframevr running content on the @varjodotcom XR-3 via @OpenXR using its beta inside-out tracking alternative to SteamVR with base stations 👌 twitter.com/utopiah/status/150

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I've updated my Aframe XR starter with some useful changes🎉

* Switch to physx physics because it's faster and doesn't throw a warning every frame
* use movement-controls with the simple-navmesh component
* Add HTML-mesh for configuring the movement type


Let the vigorous weekend of moving begin

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Fixed some math bugs and got my L-BFGS solver working, so it's super smooth now. I also added the ability to possess any rigged model, not just models designed to be avatars, so I can do this.

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Transmutable News Weekly issue 17 is fresh off of the presses (if presses were web sites) and in this issue I cover:
📰 The Base Mesh
📰 A switch
📰 trustnets
Get in while the getting is good! 👇

@trevorflowers I recently stumbled across a WebXR (technically Web3XR) MMO that's in development. You can see in their pinned tweet it's based on Wonderland Engine as well twitter.com/shatterlands

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Got the beginnings of my avatar IK system working in . It's got a long way to go though. I can barely even dab.

@blair I actually just wasn't aware of it until some other Hubs folks told me about it after I finished this lol. It's not listed anywhere in the Hubs Controls part of the docs hubs.mozilla.com/docs/hubs-con

Fun weekend project: implementing an in-world fly button toggle for Hubs so I don't have to exit VR, type /fly in chat, and then re-enter VR

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I just published issue 16 of the Transmutable News Weekly 🎉
This week I cover:
- Crash opportunities
- Google's Not-Glass reveal
- Expensive hand registration
Get in while the getting is good 👇


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Deckard isn’t real. I made it all up for views

We hacked into the SteamVR code to add the strings to everyone’s files. Get rekt idiots

that moment when what was supposed to be a simple 2 line solution actually isn't and also haha it's broken now

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You took such good care of your garden.😍 But the neighbor kid throws trash in your garden.😤 Use your water hose to stop him.

Play on Construct Arcade:

@Sorskoot has built a great game.
Is this game based on your own experience?😅

@trevorflowers FWIW I think that'd be neat. Granted I'd need to actually start getting to all the books on my backlog to actually start using it lol

@vrhermit Agreed! I definitely wanna play around with it myself sometime soon. If you could combine this with WebXR Layers and maybe some reactive UI you'd have some awesome, crisp, in-world GUIs without having to fiddle around with creating 3D entities everywhere to replicate them.

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I had a go at porting THREE's HTMLMesh to AFrame, it works with interactions, controllers work great, hand tracking in my environment on my Quest 1 is a little too unstable to use well but it does work.


@mrmetaverse They're probably using moa.party to do cross-posting from Twitter to Mastodon and vice-versa. @s on twitter will show up with the @twitter.com appended to the username

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WebXR is still a bit of a mystery to me. I want to change that

Any followers know of any WebXR things that I should check out? Doesn't matter the device intended...

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