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DrBeef is currently working on porting Jedi Knight Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy to the Quest 2 with full 6DOF VR & motion controls!

TeamBeef is responsible for MILLIONS of downloads & has been influential in helping to grow VR.

Support their work! bit.ly/3LLIBHP

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New Desktop Folder Created For Sad Little Creative Project bit.ly/3eTc9qJ

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Needle Engine is in OPEN BETA NOW 😱

@unity → @threejs

visit needle.tools to get started

🌵 @NeedleTools @hybridherbst

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When the @zestymarket data feeds start picking up new VR hardware in testing before it launches.

h/t @msub2official

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Try an immersive VR BBC Micro!

1) Put on Meta Quest 2 headset
2) Open webxr-dev.s3.amazonaws.com/ind in VR browser
4) Enable Hand Tracking on headset
5) Press Enter VR in the browser  

Very Alpha / might flicker / melt

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Curious how MobileNeRFs would look in VR? I've hacked WebXR support into the online demo viewer: mobilenerf-webxr.fern.solution (requires PCVR for best experience)

Make sure to also checkout the original: mobile-nerf.github.io

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Want to render the occluded part of whatever the user is holding? I just released an A-Frame component that does exactly that: github.com/mrxz/fern-aframe-co Let me know what you think! @aframevr

finally tried out @midjourney and wow

"portrait of a woman in the style of beksinski"

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I had a couple of minutes spare so decided to stress test my brownian motion component, it can handle 500 instances very comfortably

It's on glitch so have fun remixing with you own models and configuration

docs: github.com/AdaRoseCannon/afram

update on firefox openxr experiment: *somehow* got to the point where i'm successfully creating an XrSession and now it's finally detecting VR support correctly! Now at the point where I need to start working on handling the event loop stuff and probably swapchain stuff too

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3D tools for that I’ve been working on. Let me know if you’d find this useful on the asset store.

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Join us next Thursday, July 14th for the where YOU are the guest for a discussion of in the with Dr. Karen @XRconnectED Alexander and @juliesmithso on zoom before the Education Summit on July 21st
Get Tix

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I had some down time today as I waited for other things so I made an AFrame component to let you efficiently cover 3D objects in other objects.
Useful for making things hairy or grassy:

Demo: ada.is/aframe-surface-scatter
Code: github.com/AdaRoseCannon/afram

PRs and feedback welcome

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Next up June 22nd, we have guest speaker Aysegul Yonet presenting
on How to Build Inclusive Web Applications Using WebXR and AI.

Location XR Women Hall-iLRN Campus in Virbela

Time: 11:30am ET

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This new server is being installed to host the first version of our Lynx appstore. You have to start somewhere!

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