I see this mentioned occasionally, so let me ask: How many people would be interested in an actual forum (not just Discord) to discuss , whether that be showing projects or getting WebXR-specific help? I own and I'm thinking about using it for that.

One of the most common complaints I read about Discord is that it makes it much harder to search for relevant conversations that have already happened, which I do have to agree with (Discord's search is decent but not amazing).

The ideal solution would perhaps be the ability to export useful debugging tips that happened in realtime on Discord to live on the forum too, where it can be more easily indexed and searchable to others in the future, regardless of whether they're on Discord or not.

@msub2 Honestly, I'd rather that everyone put more time into Mastodon. Ideally on (because local timelines are awesome) but any generally not-banned instance would be great.

@msub2 Specifically for search, it's on my to-do list to set up elastic search on so that it becomes a history of sorts.

@trevorflowers I was gonna say yeah, I wasn't impressed by the default search here the last time I checked, I was looking for your old post about BookWyrm and the only way I could find it was manually scrolling all the way back through your timeline for it.

@trevorflowers My main issue with trying to use Mastodon like you say is that it's still a timeline-based experience, so to me it feels like trying to use Twitter as a store of easily accessible knowledge. I've heard from multiple people that they're not super keen on engaging through platforms like Twitter or Discord, but they would happily join a forum dedicated to the same topic. Having a close-knit web of platforms that cater to different engagement wants feels like a good compromise to me.

@msub2 @trevorflowers forums also allow for much longer posts and can support text formatting, code blocks, etc.

@vrhermit @msub2 @trevorflowers
Even with elastic search, Mastodon search is limited to posts you've already encountered as an effort to avoid the use of search for harassment

What about as a federated forum? (Still waiting for approval there)

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