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If you haven't seen it yet, @thebasemesh@twitter.com is a handy place for CC0 models. And you can drag and drop the zip files right into to draw on them in VR!

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Sound on πŸ”Š
Been working on this proof of concept for @open_metaverse@twitter.com standards to demo both collisions and audio. The collision plays the packaged audio and changes UV offset ✨

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@m3org@twitter.com @webaverse@twitter.com camping out on the outskirts of cyberspace

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ok now I'm floored.. this is so close to what I had in my head when I typed the prompt into dall-e 2

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again again, but this time in spooky vision. With a fluffier blanket.

same thing, but _this_ time **with a fabric covered ball** 🧢

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Just dropped this new song, Suburra, on my youtube. I'm excited to share the AR audio-visualization thing I'm making for this.

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weekends are for creativity ✨

some of the awesome in progress immersive stories built by our talented community of buildooooors πŸ› οΈ

hope they inspire you ⚑️

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"The idea for multiplane portals combines the ability of iFrames to be rendered transparently with Disney’s original multiplane camera where they stacked transparent β€œcels” one on the other to achieve actual depth and opacity in an animated scene."

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New side project! Trying to work on a tool/script that turns an SVG into a 3D object.

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Just to rub in what you missing today at the @ARHouseLA@twitter.com :D

The spectating of @REKverse@twitter.com is getting πŸ”₯!

Now we have:
- Pickups!
- Movement increases energy!
- And real-time spectating!

Here is @BartronPolygon@twitter.com and I dueling to the death :D

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I can't lie, I still really want to try it. I guess that's the point. I have a real beef with the concept of "losing a few thousand dollars isn't the end of the world for most of their users". People keep getting hurt by assumptions like these.

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