I made this fancy desk top with my own hands, and 100% real wood.

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W3A & Ghana Hubs Network are excited to announce an helping innovators discover opportunities for work, business and digital commerce in Web 3. DM to join or request a session for your own community

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Are you a Researcher or designer? Do you enjoy discovering the balance of what users, and businesses want, and what's feasible? Please join our new @open_metaverse@twitter.com UX Research working group - for discovery, and prototyping of topics like PORTALS.

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Currently testing @cryptovoxels@twitter.com interop workflows with Blender/Unity, VRchat, Webaverse, Hyperfy, Hubs, and Open Brush with avatars and parcels

Making a neon psychedelic night mode experience, a how-to guide will come soon @m3org@twitter.com @neon_buidl@twitter.com

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Get ready for FOSS XR 2022... only 5 days left !

Speakers and attendees, you'll find useful info here : indico.freedesktop.org/e/fossx

You couldn't make it to FOSSXR ? Watch us live here when it starts !

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See you in February!

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Snow Crash author Neal Stephenson's Lamina1 startup has come up with the Open Metaverse Conference. venturebeat.com/games/neal-ste

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Have you or your team solved for a challenge? Did you know we have a process for submitting proposed protocols to @open_metaverse@twitter.com? Odds are, there are others seeking or thinking through your solution. Let's build it together, and everybody wins.

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@thirdroomio@twitter.com is an intuitive, visionary exemplar of the to come. Check out what they have accomplished so far.

We added a link to xrshowcase.xyz

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@amoration@twitter.com @mrmetaverse@twitter.com @herval@twitter.com @Angell_XR@twitter.com @m3org@twitter.com @ArtizenFund@twitter.com @garage__stories@twitter.com @IMAX@twitter.com Ok, so we have almost ~200K unique users per month loading the Zesty SDK inside WebXR games. What do you recommend we do with this traffic?

How should we engage with communities?

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We are incredibly excited to launch Technology Preview 1 of Third Room: an open, decentralised vision of the metaverse without NFTs or blockchains - built entirely on @matrixdotorg@twitter.com. Check it out! thirdroom.io/preview

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Making a travel diary w/ ⁦@frame_vr@twitter.com⁩, using the map environment + 360 photos. Putting the 360s where I captured them, then can meet in here w/ others on the web to show the spots in context. These photos are also all going up on the Frame Library for free use anywhere. 😍

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"... let's call it venture capital for social entrepreneurship ... in order for it to be truly effective in investing in tech startups - in an equitable and inclusive way - the program needs to be reimagined."

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VRM 1.0 spec was just officially released, still hot off the press so I translated some stuff for early birds

> What's VRM?
File format for handling 3D humanoid avatars based on glTF 2.0 standard, designed with VR application use cases and interoperability in mind from the start twitter.com/vrm_pr/status/1572

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My capacity to do what I set out to do, is starting to outweigh the frequency of getting blocked. I am starting to feel more like a "real" developer. I imagine the imposter syndrome will always be there, but it's starting to feel more concrete every day.

I converted Carline to a pixel this week. Getting her set up with
if she decides she likes the overall format of android vs iOS. So far, it's looking good! She is even using signal instead of iMessage with minimal complaints. Green-bubbles, shmean-bubbles.

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