Today, Frame rolled out Immers Space integration. Their massive userbase was just onboarded to the open metaverse via @activitypub. You can even find them from here in mastodon and send/receive follow requests. Find me by putting @datatitian @ in your search (spaces added to prevent Masto from collapsing the domain)

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>We are big believers in web technology and we see the web browser as the last bastion of hope in a world of walled-garden ecosystems. It’s why we built Frame for the web.

thanks for the laugh

@SyndicWill unfortunately reading terms of service this seems not GDPR compliant ... :/ @activitypub

@Olm_e @activitypub also, since Frame has full Immers Space support, you can login to Frame using an account from an immer you control in order to limit your data exposure. e.g. Frame won't get your email if you do this since Immers Space does not store emails

@SyndicWill I was also thinking about gglanalytics specifically (matomo is a clean self hosted alt), while the "you can request data delation" stuff is good actually ... ;) @activitypub

@Olm_e @activitypub
Ooh self hosted analytics! I should look into integrating with immers server

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