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If you haven't seen it yet, @thebasemesh@twitter.com is a handy place for CC0 models. And you can drag and drop the zip files right into to draw on them in VR!

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Report on research on working in @vr full-time

"The study found that working completely in VR lowered the participant’s productivity by 14% and increased frustration by over 40%. There was also increased stress, anxiety, and an overall reduction in mental health."


New update to the Immers Space hubs fork with the latest Hubs Cloud features is looking pretty good https://github.com/immers-space/immers-app/tree/main/immers-hubs

Today, Frame rolled out Immers Space integration. Their massive userbase was just onboarded to the open metaverse via @activitypub. You can even find them from here in mastodon and send/receive follow requests. Find me by putting @datatitian @ i.framevr.io in your search (spaces added to prevent Masto from collapsing the domain)

I just pushed "Go!" on the final issue of the Transmutable News Weekly. In this issue I get preachy about the future and your role therein.

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Canvatorium Lab 032

A Proof of Concept for a VR Lathe Interface.

✅ 6 points that can be dragged around a 2D surface.
✅ Generate a Lathe mesh using these points

I kinda like this definition, but "metaverse" is probably too tainted by nft scams at this point. Maybe "Wider Web" instead?

@trevorflowers with other Lemmy instances, I can put the url of a community page into Mastodon search to find the group actor and follow it from Mastodon (e.g. lemmy.ml/c/memes)

But with read.widerweb.org nothing comes up. Wonder if it's an admin setting or something

Why is linkedin so bad at search? Every day I get a list of Unity jobs in my email for my "JavaScript virtual reality" saved search

Wider Web

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