This is exciting - the Chrome bug where you can't re-enter WebXR without restarting the browser is getting some attention! Give it a star if you'd like to see this fixed, too

We turned off open- and click-tracking in our mailing list emails. It's none of our business what you do with emails we send and those were just lousy default settings from our service provider.

Chessboxing is the world’s first metaverse-spanning game... all of this is accomplished without the use of blockchain or NFTs... by avoiding the costs inherent in using cryptocurrencies, Immers Space seeks to make the metaverse open and accessible to all.

Working on a metaverse-spanning Chessboxing game that has you bouncing back and forth between chess in Virtual Reign and boxing in Moon Rider - with states synced using Immers Space messages

I've open-sourced my experimental XR search engine project from earlier in the year. I don't plan on working on it anymore, but I think it's useful to learn from the results.

Folks, if you’re using @small-tech/auto-encrypt in your projects, please make sure you’re running the latest version of the package (3.1.0) or certificate provisioning/renewal will fail due to the latest Let’s Encrypt protocol update.

#tls #https #letsEncrypt #autoEncrypt #js #javaScript #nodeJS #web #dev #smallWeb #smallTech

Immers server v3.4.0 is released with an important update to ensure your ssl certs keep renewing. Update now!

We'll have a new version of the Immers Server published later today that includes the update

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Big thanks to @aral for being way ahead of the game with an updated version of auto-encrypt available since June!

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🚑 Let's Encrypt change went live yesterday the stopped accepting cert requests using outdated encryption tech.

Update any ancient ACME clients or your next renewal might fail

While the de facto standard for OAuth popups has been to center them for ease-of-use, as developers we should now try to position them to prove their veracity, outside the opening window or at least covering browser chrome. If we make this standard, then BitB attack windows would stick out more as the only ones that are centered

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BitB attacks are quite devious. To be safe as a user, only option is drag all OAuth popup windows away from the opening browser window to prove they are real.

Let's have an #introduction for the #interpeer project.

The project's mission is to develop next generation, human centric internet technologies. Today, the internet is usually equated with the web. Most likely the most useful view is to see both together as a stack that enables distribution of knowledge, data and media, as well as apps. We're looking at the entirety of this.

The web is centralised. By design, it's decentralised, but its design contains elements that promote centralisation.

Added OpenGraph meta to profile and post pages, so sharing a link to your profile, for example, will show a preview with your avatar. Platforms like Mastodon & Twitter can also load an inline interactive preview via <model-viewer>

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So much cool stuff in the huge v3.3 release of the Immers Server, gonna share it out over the course of a few posts/days

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